About Us

bccsql.com set out in 2018 with the goal of making every aspect of a website accessible to everyone. Since its inception, it has been established with the mission to support users in an interactive and innovative direction. bccsql.com is constantly reachable with its team, its members and its members, which put the best user experience at the center of service understanding.

     Together with evolving information technologies, business in the virtual environment has become more important. If you have a website, that website has become the target of being the best quality and safe. We provide you with all the tests and features that will make your website fast and user friendly. You can measure any problem on your site and get help with seo.

     Once you use bccsql.com, you can easily measure your website performance. Do not forget that most websites lose half of their uploads during installation. Because there are some shortcomings that affect the speed and performance that prevent the user from moving easily. You should check mobile and desktop tests and other things to get better results from your work. Our partners and anyone who is interested in websites in general have gone out of their way to remove these issues. Our mission is always to provide the most accurate, quality and up-to-date information and data.

     We also determine and set the preferences for the website's opening speed, the search engine's indexing rate, and the speed of this indexing. With bccsql.com, where you can find everything you need about your website, you can make the necessary optimizations and control.

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